DSC_5539At the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (ECFP) we bring businesses and academics together at the forefront of complex fluid science.   Our scientists specialize in understanding how interactions between components in soft materials and complex fluids influence product performance and manufacturing challenges.

Our goal is to ensure that the latest knowledge developed in our group reaches its potential to innovate  and transform current practices 

We innovate and provide consultancy in formulation and soft composite material science and work with companies from a wide range of industries including the pharamaceutical, cosmetic, food and drink and agrochemical sectors.  Types of projects include

  • offering a deeper understanding of product behaviour.
  • developing innovative products based on new soft matter technologies.
  • helping to commercialize new technologies.

We are based in the Soft Matter Physics Group at the University of Edinburgh and our academic network extends to colleagues in Chemistry, Biology and Engineering both within, and beyond, the University of Edinburgh.   Please get in contact if you are  interested in working with us or finding out more.




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