About me


I hold a Royal Society Industry Fellowship and I am Director of the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership within the Institute of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (ICMCS) at the University of Edinburgh.  I  am a member of the Royal Society’s Science, Industry and Translation Committee, I chair the Scotland group of the SCI – where science meets business, am a member of the Young Academy of Scotland and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry .

I am passionate about the importance of sharing scientific knowledge with the business world to drive innovation.

Working in the field of Soft Matter Physics, my colleagues and I explore routes to control soft material structure to improve our everyday lives – from developing nutrition-rich foods or bacteria free surfaces to reducing the risk of landslides or helping companies to switch to sustainable materials. The idealist in me is driven by the hope of delivering solutions to big problems through the intelligent design of soft composites. Our active research group works with companies through the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership to help them improve products and processes.  Working in science means that there are always more interesting things to learn.

What is Soft Matter?  Squidgy materials are everywhere, from the foods you eat, the personal care products you use and even in the cement used in building your house. Understanding and predicting how these materials behave is very complex because we need to know how components interact to form structures and how strong these structures are.   Components may include dispersed particles, emulsions, polymers, liquid crystalline materials and even microorganisms like bacteria!

Here is my curriculum vitae: 2016TWoodCVbriefweb